Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Uber by Christie

I am grateful for my new cab service called Uber. It gives me the freedom and independence I have definitely needed after being stuck with only two options, Metro Access and Taxi Access which have their drawbacks.  Metro Access has a 30 minute window for when they should show up.  Sometimes, it takes me 2 hours to get somewhere which is annoying as all gettup.  Taxi Access only has 8 coupons in a year and the fare is $33 because of the price I only use it if I am in a bind.  Now, I can Uber to get coffee or go to the grocery store and Uber home and the fare is cheaper than you think.  Also, you can UberPool with other passengers and the fare is cheaper as well. 
Thank you Uber for providing the service you offer.  I definitely love it!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thanksgiving by Randy

This year was very nice for my wife and I. We only had 6 people for dinner this year but it was quite special.  Lots of food and wonderful drinks. The turkey was made in an electric fryer. It was a 13 pounder and was cooked in one hour. It was beautiful and very tasty.

Laura also put together a lot of mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, gravy, ham, cranberry sauce and much more. Of course we also had desserts and ice cream. We had a prayer which gave us much happiness and love.

After dinner, both Jim and Randy were so stuffed we needed a short nap. You have to love that! After a 15 minute nap we were ready for game night. We played a game called things. As always there was football.

Hoping all of you had a very blessed Thanksgiving as there is always hope and something to be thankful for.

We never give up!!!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Perry's Road Trip, Part 2

Perry rented an RV and hit the road with his dog. Click here to see Part 1 of his road trip.

9/18 – Chicago

I am at Chicago's Wrigley Field – small field!! I drive to University of Chicago's football field. Home of first atom chain reaction – that is not on the signs. I went to Al's Italian Beef for lunch and Girls & The Goat Restaurant for dinner. I dined …... !!!

I like the city, campgrounds are far, near state Wisconsin. I am well done camp site. 

Home? I like each home. It is home and neighborhood!!

9/19 – St Louis

I went and police following behind me. A police car is a road circle to drive me (not with lights). A police is exit highway, take see police and a police car. The same police followed me a long time. I stop in St Louis Arkansas, and not fellow is police.

I drive 5 hours!! I look at the West Arch. I do not walk and elevator closed. 

Home? I do not see city or neighborhood? 

9/20 – Memphis 

I am at Sun Studio- awesome!! A artists can record at Sun Studios. I see Beale Street famous, and Blues Club and Cafe, and BBQ pork. I see play stage the Elvis Presley, Kings Blue, and etc. 

I am trip second at the Gibson guitar and Elvis Graceland home. I was repeat, and I am RV drive!! (repeat) I will Memphis TE road trip #2. 

Home – I was home, and neighborhood and home!! I liked the city, is a great city!! 

9/21 – Asheville, NC
I don't stop in Nashville, Tenn. I will go to Nashville TE road trip #2. 

I go to Biltmore Estate, and wow and 250-room, 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces home built approximately 87,000 acres. I take photos too!! 

Home – It was city, and quiet and nice and food is home!!

9/22 – Columbia, SC 

The University of South Carolina is where my daughter goes to school. The daughter and I drive to Price Costco!! The daughter wants food!! (I was not Costco graduate. I eat noodles!!) 

Home – Discrimination!! I am not home! 

9/23 – Charlotte, NC

I went to NASCAR Hall of Fame. The museum and Hall of Fame were great!!

Home – not home. A discrimination city, and not home. 

9/24 – Harrisonville, VA 

I go to JMU to see my other twin daughter. We went with the dog to lunch. Nice campus. Beautiful. 

9/25 – Ashburn, VA
I drive RV, only great and fun!!! I am home!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Exercise with Recovery by Randy

Lets talk about it. Not only is this a great idea for survivors but it is also great for everyone.  Are you a sports fan?  If so, we can look at football, baseball, basketball, golf, bowling and ping pong are examples of  opportunities for exercising your body and your brain. We are always working on our BRAINS and BODIES. Exercise your BRAIN and your Body.
Limited mobility doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Help the refs to make good calls, that is a brain workout. Its about movement, whether its our brain or our body.  There are so many possibilities, use the wave, what is the wave? It is what you see in the stands at a game or watching it on TV. You stand up and raise your hands in one motion. 
There are easy classes that anyone can do. We, as well as anyone can exercise by using a chair, a wall or a door. We do squats, push-ups, biceps and triceps. Our classes are used by survivors that do and do not have any paralysis on their left or right arm or leg. It is amazing to watch how hard they work with their recovery.
Even though our recovery is hard, it is doable. Some men and women that are survivors do not realize what they have accomplished with their recovery. It is the caretakers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, dads and moms that tell us and show us about our recoveries. This is why exercise is so very helpful and important. Watch what we do:
Stay in touch.


Friday, November 24, 2017

New Jewelry Clasp by Kim

I found  a clasp on Amazon - Dsmile Pack of 12pcs Gold Color and Silver Color Magnetic Lobster Clasp for Jewelry Necklace Bracelet.
I am happy to find a clasp - magnetic clips and fastened on the neck.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I finished! by Christie

Two years later, I finally finished my project of cross-stitching a stocking of Kona. I did as I promised of working on it then putting it away from boredom then starting it again later. I think it's a labor of love and it keeps me out of trouble.
Kona is turning 3 years old on New Year’s Eve and I am looking forward of more years of being together and spoiling the heck out of her. She is the best! I will give her plenty of toys as long as they fit in the stocking.
Read Christie's post about starting this project and how she does needlepoint with one hand here.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Survivors with Movement by Randy

The biggest thing that works for me is helping other new friends that are also survivors. Now after six years from my stroke I now have become a Stroke Survivor Coach. As a coach I work on memory as well as writing, reading, speaking and using movement. This not only is for my new friends, it helps me as well. As survivors teaching is a way of life as well as a way of relearning.

As survivors relearning is a challenge. We work on our recovery everyday. Many of us have had to relearn everything. As hard as it is, young and old survivors keep moving. Everything that has happened to me from my stroke is about my new life. After having a brain injury we do not give up! 

One of the best ways to improve our memory is with movement. Exercise is a great way to work on our memory. There are instructor led in person exercise classes as well as online videos. YouTube and Facebook videos are great resources. 

A lot of these videos have been made on a Facebook page called Stroke Survivor Fitness. There are many people that have been working hard with their movement and memory. Watch them and let us know what you think. We are always open to feedback!

Here are several links that are important.

Stroke Survivor Fitness:
Aphasia Paracord Projects Facebook Group:
Aphasia Will Not Be Silent Facebook Group: