Monday, June 13, 2022

Aphasia - Our Rainbow from Behind the Cloud by Nicole

As Aphasia evolves from behind the cloud

Showing her beautiful rainbow where she stands so proud

We gently bind to her side

Waiting patiently for her light to guide


When we do not know which road to cross each day

Fleeing under the north wind that summons us away

Hoping our healing will be embraced

As Aphasia puts our sweetest moments in place


Aphasia understands the peaks and valleys of our path

She also understands our aftermath

When our soul gets weary knowing our shine is not bright

Aphasia graciously moves us into her sight


As we go searching for our premiere

Waiting for our words to appear

Aphasia gives us the wisdom to show our glow

Elegantly allowing our words to flow


Our stillness comes in many forms

Some may think this is not the norm

But when Aphasia whispers in our ear

We know all is well now that she is here


Aphasia Our Beautiful Rainbow

Thursday, April 21, 2022

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Love Letter to Nature

With bated breath, waiting in the shadows 

for our special Rose to appear 

Waiting in anticipation for our Rose to evolve 

from birth to full bloom 

We are anxious to observe the beauty of her petals 

Not knowing what the Spring season will bring 

We are mesmerized by the love that she shares 

Even if it is just for a moment 

As we go from one station of life to the next

Our Rose reminds us that love of life 

is carried by the weight of one petal 

As she allows her bright light to shine 

Watching our Rose change her form like energy 

Each one of her petals gently show us, step by step, 

how to grab on to the love of life… 

and never let it go 

As our Rose show us how to slow dance through life 

inhaling and exhaling her beauty 

As she shows us how to reach for joy 

With the hope of promise for a new day 

Let us take a breath and 

Spring Forward



Monday, February 7, 2022

What the Heart Wants by Nicole


                                               Floating from Heart to Heart

the heart wants to give love and receive love in return


Bearing witness to each heart 

Hearts intertwined with each other 

Your heart is your strength and armor


On the days your heart leaps for joy   

and takes you to that happy place 

delicately show your heart how much you adore her


Remember the sparks of love your heart brings into your life 

As your heart loves you more and more each day 

she gracefully reminds you to love yourself


When your heart is broken by a heartbreak 

find the strength to replenish your heart with love 

Your heart will show you how to take on the weight of forgiveness


Remember the hallmarks of your heart that have been so kind 

and brings such peace beyond all measures

Allow your heart to go forward and bend towards the light


The heart knows what the heart wants

And that is to love and to receive love in return

Monday, January 10, 2022

Reflections; Allow the Healing Waters to Flow by Nicole



Allow the Healing Waters to Flow


As you blossom into 2022

Bringing hope and courage into each day

Guide your feet in a peaceful way

Allow the healing waters to flow


As you release the old and bring in the new

See the bright lights in your shine

This is a season of recovery, you will fine

Allow the healing waters to flow


If you feel lost and broken down

Not knowing what the future holds

Unwrap your entire heart, and let your story be told

Allow the healing waters to flow


As you look deep into your better self

Know that lowering expectations is not the way

Turn your midnight into day

Allow the healing waters to flow


As you enter the cusp of a brand-new year

Don’t deviate from the whisper of your gentle chime

I promise you, your blessings will arrive right on time

Allow the healing waters to flow



Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Give Thanks to a Grateful Heart by Nicole


On this “Thanksgiving Day” as I give thanks to my grateful heart, I also give thanks to grace for my endless love of life.


Like the beautiful autumn leaves that fall from the trees, I try to rekindle each day as if it is a new beginning.


When I feel a sense of unrest and my fire loses its spark, I take a leap of faith to open-up to exceptional possibilities.


I find that during my elder-hood years, while dancing in the sunrise, allowing the sun to play me like a violin, it reminds me my strength is strong and steady.


The different paths I have taken on my journey relaxes my gentle soul and teaches me how I have loved each stage of my life.


Knowing my higher power recycles rubbish into treasures, I give witness to each day, understanding that…


All Things Work Together for Good


“To All Happy Thanksgiving”

Monday, October 18, 2021

Rise to Higher Ground by Nicole


Illustrated by Grand Baby Girl Nicole


Rise to Higher Ground

On this autumn day, as I rise to higher ground in my beautiful balloon, I realize I am falling madly in love with the sunshine.

As I Invite the sun into my life, the lamp of light taps on my spirit and humbles my heart.

The gentle guiding force of the sunshine reminds me, it does not matter how difficult my day was on yesterday, the sun rises and brings joy in the morning.

Float Up with Me


Looking up in my exquisite balloon and watching the cirrus clouds as they quietly pass under the rainbow, I am overwhelmed with peace.

As I relax in my dwelling place, I feel the calm air that calls me in with delight.

Drawing nearer to the magic of the sun, I briefly review the peaks and valleys of my life.  

Float Up with Me


In a twinkling of an eye, having the sunshine in my direct view, I realize my air visit is just for the early morning. 

Descending from the sky, I will end this wonderful visit knowing that the sunshine is my lifeline.

Understanding that grace is extended by accepting this sunny brand-new day, I see this day as a sign of passage.

Float Down with Me


Returning to hallow ground, I know this glorious experience brings me to a point whereby I will be at peace with those things I cannot change.

Knowing I am the leader of my destiny, I will move forward to who I hope to be.

Being blessed in thy sight, I am now inspired with the freedom to write the first page of the next chapter of my life.


 “Rise up with wings like eagles

Run and not grow weary

Walk and not faint”

Monday, August 23, 2021

Blessings From the Mulberry Tree by Nicole


As I sit near the mulberry tree waiting for my blessings to return, blessings of memories I lost during my stroke, I began to feel the cool breeze dazzling through the mystical tree leaves. As I look up, I immediately realize my blessings are returning like flash lightning.

Like fireflies during warm summer nights, the wonder of it all shows me how to reach out and gently catch the memories as they pass by.

The new reflections of my recurring memories allow the leaves on the mulberry tree to touch like warn silk on my skin, taking my breath away.

Unto me, thank you for the blessings…


I am in awe of the beauty of the long summer nights that bring joy from the shading of the mulberry tree leaves.

Reaching for my guiding light, I look up between the leaves and see the twinkling stars in the sky that take away the darkness and bring beautiful sparkles to my memories.

In the past, as I lived the dream and reminisced about how I could recapture my memories, I never imagined they would return like a brilliant whirlwind when I least expected.

Unto me, thank you for the blessings…


As my blessings gently tap on my inner strength, bringing many moments of clarity, I am deeply grateful for the healing.

Although my short-term memory continues to be a bit of a brain fog, I am overwhelmed with the swift return of my enriched long-term memory.

There is no greater love than to share the commitment of my blessings I recovered through life experiences. 

Unto Thee

Thank you for the Blessings of my Memories