Thursday, November 16, 2017

Survivors with Movement by Randy

The biggest thing that works for me is helping other new friends that are also survivors. Now after six years from my stroke I now have become a Stroke Survivor Coach. As a coach I work on memory as well as writing, reading, speaking and using movement. This not only is for my new friends, it helps me as well. As survivors teaching is a way of life as well as a way of relearning.

As survivors relearning is a challenge. We work on our recovery everyday. Many of us have had to relearn everything. As hard as it is, young and old survivors keep moving. Everything that has happened to me from my stroke is about my new life. After having a brain injury we do not give up! 

One of the best ways to improve our memory is with movement. Exercise is a great way to work on our memory. There are instructor led in person exercise classes as well as online videos. YouTube and Facebook videos are great resources. 

A lot of these videos have been made on a Facebook page called Stroke Survivor Fitness. There are many people that have been working hard with their movement and memory. Watch them and let us know what you think. We are always open to feedback!

Here are several links that are important.

Stroke Survivor Fitness:
Aphasia Paracord Projects Facebook Group:
Aphasia Will Not Be Silent Facebook Group:


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Perry's Road Trip, Part 1

I rented an RV with room for my dog and me, sleeping and toilet and kitchen.

Wed -  9/13 

I drove to POA (Pennsylvania ….) Turnpike, police turned  on the lights. I pulled car over.  My speech was like stuttering sometimes and I sometimes had eye contact for officer. The cop said drunk. My stroke, and aphasia card from wallet: “Communication.  I have aphasia a communication impairment.  My intelligence is intact.  I am not drunk, retarded, or mentally unstable.”  Police read (I saw “I am not drunk”) and laughed.  Police car looked in my car, and said “Yes, not arrested”  I drove on.  No cop ticket, thanks to aphasia card in my wallet!!
Flight 93 National Memorial – 9/11 was plane.  The museum is where flight and plane crashed.  There is a path. I walked to flight.

Pittsburgh – Primanti Brothers can eat.  I watch the Food Network, and they said Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers can eat.  Peoples and I were taking photos.  A famous personality can stop by, and I was not stopped.

Home? – I see the big city. I don't want to live there.  Pittsburgh, Pa not was stinky..

9/14 – Canton, Ohio
NFL Hall of Fame – I am at NFL Hall of Fame, and too many Redskins – like Joe Gibbs, John Riggins, Russ Grimm, and etc.  NFL Hall of Fame was disorganized. 
Home? --- I see the small city, and  is clean the Canton, Ohio.
9/15 – Cleveland, Ohio
Rock n Roll Museum – I will love the Museum.  The DJ radio was “rock and roll”, and here is city.  The museum is fun!! The museum is organized, and 5 floors to walk across.   
Home? – I see the city, and home is Cleveland, Ohio.  Cleveland was sunny and 70s weather. Soon Cleveland weather, snow and cold. I don't like cold outside.
9/16 – Dayton, Ohio
National Museum of the US Air Force - They have plane F-15E front yard. (I am computer graduate works F-15 in “E” fly flight, and Ada is computer programming.  But Ada is great large memory, and project can few memory – failure.)

They have 4 hangers, and it longer walking.  It has flight, and beginning and now future.  I had fun!!
Home? – I see the city, and I not do live Dayton, Ohio.

9/17 Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis Motor Speedway – A huge speedway!! It see speedway museum, and under the speedway is a path to drive and park.  The museum had older cars and present cars.  I had fun!!

Home? – I like the city, and home is Indianapolis, Indiana – maybe.
9/18 – Chicago, Illinois
… to be continued ….

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sandpad Beach Crutch by Christie

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to walk on the beach without a person holding your hand down to the ocean?  Well, I found a solution. It's called Sandpad for people with a disability or a person with crutches. It is a stabilizer for people who have trouble walking in the sand. You attach it on the end of your cane. 
In Nags Head, the beach where we stayed was very wide and far away from the ocean. It was difficult to walk on my own without help. Now I am happy to report that I will never leave home without it when I travel with sand.  It also has the ability to be used on snow or ice. Here comes winter because I am ready!

Here is a video where I walked down to the ocean. 


The link if you would like more information:

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Stroke Survivors Live Life by Randy

Survivors that live life after having strokes. It is amazing to understand and learn how life changes after a stroke. Recovery is how it works.
Often there is permanent changes as a result of a stroke. My permanent change is having aphasia. By the way let us know if you have aphasia. If you have aphasia it is a language disability. This disability sucks! It breaks us. It challenges us. It takes our words. The most important part of it is our memory is still intact. We now what to say but much of it does not come out correctly.

As the years have passed from my stroke then and now, life does change and it gets better. Believe it or not many of us struggle every day with having aphasia, but we never give up.
The struggling with words, it is because my letters are jumbled. For instance a five letter word one to two of the letters are correct however the last 3 letters get jumbled. This is why it is difficult to get the words out. Some times it is like playing charades. I will say it starts with an S and that is as far as I can go with saying the word but in my brain I know the word is Seat. That is just an example of what living with aphasia it like.
Fortunately my wife likes to play games so we never give up!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Stroke is Life Changing by Perry

Stroke is life-changing. 

Right Leg: I drive with my right leg on the gas pedal - no pressure off and on, no feeling on right leg.   When I drive, pressure off and on gas, I start and stop – next period … quick … quickly stop…. Quickly….

(My memories:  The 2 daughters in car seats, their hands holding on the car, and bounce and stop drive --- I had no pressure in right leg).   I walked, like ankle had heavy ball on right leg.  I am sorry!! I felt no pressure right leg!)

Right Arm:  I am typing and write, speech therapists made me practice using my right arm, and it frustrated me!! (it matters, thank you all therapists!)  Fingers can not feel.  My fingers can work a screwdriver and button on/off, small things my daughters help me.  

Brain:  I am thinking brain: “1 + 1. (no answer!! next question) I watch TV, space ship next launch.  I enjoy computer science, programming … what do I do?  (no answer) ….. I eat next dinner? …. I can play racquetball… I can go to restaurants….“  At night, at bedtime, and I want to sleep.  But brain is thinking, and brain can’t sleep!!

I bought sleeping pill (Costco), and I take 10-15 pills at night.  It takes 1 hours, and I am sleeping.  Prior nights, the sleep was 2-3 am, and I was awake.  I had an appointment with sleep doctor, and she said it is sleep apnea (?).  Do you do recommend stroke & sleep doctors to help with sleep?

Stroke is life-changing.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

10 Years Alive by Pat

It happened 10 years ago. My wife believed in me. She showed up to Bethesda, MD. She told me that I would make it. She flew from Seattle, Washington to Ronald Reagan Airport in D.C. She got there in the morning of Monday July 9, 2007.

My family, friends, nurses and doctors all said it was bad. This one doctor said I would be dead in a week. The nurses were good. This other doctor came to see me in the morning and at night. He was very good. I don’t remember, I was in a coma for 4 weeks.

I landed at Joint Base Andrews, AF, MD. On the way we stopped in Landstuhl, AF in Germany. I did a “tail to tail.” I was there for an hour. I had come from Balad, Iraq. They did my surgery there took 8 or 10 hours. Before I was in a helicopter from Baghdad.

When you get hurt you have one hour to live. My Thunder soldiers did fantastic!

We were in Dora, Baghdad. I had a new job for the last two months. We always went out at night to make sure we found the bad ones who were setting explosives for the next day.  That night, I had about 10 soldiers along side me on a rooftop. About 10 houses away there were 10 more soldiers from my unit. After a couple of hours we wanted to get water for the soldiers. Two soldiers were going to go to the Stryker, so I decided to go with them.

That day was July 7, 2007. It was in the middle of the night.

The first guys had moved across the roof and were going down the stairs. I was heading to the stairs on the second house and somebody shot me in the left temporal skull. I passed out right away. Two of my soldiers ran over to see what I was doing. They saw that I was passed out. It took four soldiers to dragged me downstairs and put me in to a Stryker. I went to the hospital right away.

I lived. They were so professional. And I will never be the same. My life is differently now. But I can't complain…

If you ever run into these people, give them a hug for me!

Kevin DaGraca, Larry Forrest, Frankie Vasquez, Manykhamph Douangmala, Timothy Antinick, Robert Buller, Jonathan Byerly, Ho Lee, Clayton Kline, Daniel Ward, Phillip Hoss, Daniel Iovine, Erickson Hooper, Sean Burnett, John Kennedy, Garret Meadows, Jeremy Woodard, Jose Alvarez, Jeremy Pattman, Lance Holtgeerts, Chris Kay, Clifford Mills, Jack McClernon, Brian Hux, Todd Tasco, Brandon Kinton, Travis Sparr, Taire Smith, Mathew Sukovieh and Doc Kevin McCulley

RIP Matthew Attalai (Afghanistan 2010)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How I DO MORE by Christie, Denise, and Perry

Volunteering by Christie

I give back to the Center by volunteering one day a week. I have volunteered for many years and I truly enjoy having a purpose in life. In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed with remembering tasks and issues with memory and my confidence suffered because of it.  Now, I have dealt with strategies that work and my confidence has flourished. My day usually consists of helping a mentee learn how to navigate the computer, making birthday cards for the members and brewing the coffee.
I also volunteer to host a golf event called the Kalikie Classic.  The founding fathers and I have been hosting it for 10 years. In the beginning, the founding fathers helped with different tasks because I was forgetful with remembering these tasks. Now, I have learned so much and by memory is better as long as I write them down. I am excited to celebrate this year for my 10 anniversary of my stroke and hosting the 10th Annual Kalikie Classic together. The date is set for September 13, 2017 at Raspberry Falls Golf Club.  If you are interested, please email me at 
All of these things are why I love the Center because they help us learn how to deal with different tasks. So, please join us in raising funds to support the Center by donating $24 or more to Do Make 24 on June 8th.
Tech Support by Denise

I have lived for six years without understanding how to speak. Now I can use the language much better. It is useful in my writing and reading.  Today I am able to understand the words that I use.  The words can be found to state my thoughts.  I make the best use of English in all aspects.
At Stroke Comeback Center I learned how to use an iPhone. I find that to be particularly useful when listening to books. Audiobooks are of great use to me. When  I  have the ideas for using  the words, I write them. I can read and send these as email and text messages. Finally, there is usage of the  telephone in sending and receiving calls.
I feel that I am making  progress. I will  continue my work with your help. Please consider giving at least $24 on June 8th.

24 Hours by Perry
Please $24 benefit for Stroke Comeback Center.
I am thankful for therapists…. 1 class for now. Thank you therapists!!
I can read e-mails, understand and learn emails and type e-mails.  I can understand and learn, I can read the books.  Stroke Comeback Center is good.
I have telephone (speech, listening, dial numbers), and Stroke Comeback Center is good.  I have telephone - talking receptionist at doctor, dentist, electrician, air conditioner, plumbing and utilities.  Stroke Comeback Center is good.
I go out restaurants, eat and talk to waitresses.  I have forks and knives and napkins and soda, I can talk to the waitress. Stroke Comeback Center is good.
I am numbers, too. It must be practice, practice, and perfect practice for numbers.  Stroke Comeback Center is good.
I am a volunteer at Ashburn Library.  Stroke Comeback Center is good.
I have two daughters in college:  I can speech and talk and Skype and email.  (thank you to my two daughters, they are very patient).  Stroke Comeback Center is good: speech, talk, and e-mail!!
Thank you Therapists Stroke Comeback Center.
Please give $24 to benefit for Stroke Comeback Center on June 8.

Support Stroke Comeback Center through 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, June 8, 2017 by visiting