Friday, February 24, 2017

Foster's Grille by Randy

The Stroke Comeback Center received a phone call from the manager at the Vienna Foster’s Grill. They asked if the center would be interested in doing the Dining for Dollars. Apparently they have seen many survivors from the center come in for lunch.
Foster’s Grill is located in Florida, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia. When I was a UPS Driver, I used to have lunch at the one in Herndon. Back in the day, a burger for lunch was one of my favorite weekly rituals. It was a great time to catch up with my UPS buddies. Now as a stroke survivor I was happy to learn that Foster’s was located in Vienna. I know have my weekly ritual of having a burger at Foster’s with my stroke survivor buddies.
20% will be donated to the SCC. We are using this monthly. Dining for dollars will be used every 4th Tuesday of every month. We did it for the first time on January 24, 2017. 
The center gets a check from Forster’s Grill every month. That is awesome for the SCC. Foster’s Grill is a fantastic neighbor! Just as they support our community, let’s support Foster’s and the SCC by Dining for Dollars next Tuesday!! 

Foster's Grille of Vienna
Vienna Shopping Center
138 Maple Ave W
Vienna, VA 22180

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Super Slippers by Christie

Wouldn't you like to wear slippers in your house? For 10 years, I have struggled to try to find slippers to wear around the home. I've tried many different shoes without luck. I needed slippers that have heel support and grips and won't twist my ankle when I walk.
I think I solved the problem. I found a shoe that has the support I needed. It's called Mahabis and it's made in London, England. It has a sole which protects walking around the house and taking Kona outside as well. It's relaxed and comfortable but feels like slippers.  Here is the website if you interested:  
This is the style I chose:

Friday, February 3, 2017

ALIVE for 10 years! by Pat

Today is the start of 2017 and I need it. The beginning of 2016 was great. Then in the summer I got sick. My body was in charge the rest of the year. I didn't do the Army 10 Miler. Then I went to see a lot of doctors. I just was not having fun.

But I am mad. I can only say, "Thank You!" When I got hurt, I lived. I am ALIVE... July 7, 2017 will be Alive for 10 years. Think about it. I am retired. There are two things that needed to happen.

  1. Exercise! I need to walk often (WILSON, he loves walking) and use my trike. I read that walking is better than running on your brain. And I need my brain to be working on the time.
  2. Speak! For my friends, you know I has gotten better speaking. That is incredible. But let's keep going. Do you remember these words? Every year it has gotten better. Talking, listening, reading and writing.  
Since I got hurt I met so many great people. I need to thank my doctors, nurses and the military friends. I went to different places: RIC Chicago, Casa Colina, University Michigan Aphasia Program, Walter Reed and the old NNMC, Bethesda, Stroke Comeback Center and Learning RX. My PT, OT and speech teachers have been incredible!! (There are 3-4 that Were bad. So, it is possible that 95% of therapists fixed me back together.)

It is the last thing I need to tell you, "Thank You!!!!!!!" Friends, you came to see me right away in the hospital. Now hundreds of you have come for the Army 10 Miler race. Then they really love the party! My family as been good, also. If you know the Horans they are quiet. But they showed up and they never let me quit.
Finally my wife, Patty, has change my life. Doctors said I was going to die, she told herself that I would get better. I was able to go to a really good hospital. The speech therapist said I would never speak and got a DynaVox. Two years later she gave it to the speech class at Walter Reed. When I was in Walter Reed I did PT, OT and speech too. She knew 3 hours was not enough. She found different therapists and programs. I didn't know what I was doing. But I got better. And after 10 years I wake up in the morning, thankful I am still alive and my wife made me better than I ever was supposed to be. I LOVE PATTY because she saved me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!