Thursday, July 23, 2015

Back to Baking by Randy

Before my stroke happened 4 years ago, I used to cook and bake.  I have been cooking again for quite a while.  However, this last 4th of July, I decided to bake banana bread.

My banana bread turned out to be pretty good.  After all of these years from my stroke I decided to bake again.  Laura was out at the grocery store.  I realized that we did not have any brown sugar. I texted Laura to pick up what I needed.

In order for me to bake the banana bread I had to watch YouTube to remember how to make what I wanted to bake.  YouTube is amazing.  By watching how someone else was baking, it it helped me to remember how to do it.

After watching more information about banana bread, it turns out that it is inexpensive.  It is also very healthy.   The best bananas are the ripe ones.

Mixing all of the ingredients together was fun.  Easy to do, right?  Not really for a stroke survivor.  However I was coming back to myself.   My crazy brain is getting better.  Again I enjoyed putting it all together.

When the mixing was finished it had to bake for an hour.  It smelled yummy but it was not finished.  After the banana bread was done it needed to cool.  Okay it was done, we now went to our friends' home for the Fourth of July fireworks celebration.

Apparently I did a good job with the banana bread.  Everyone seemed to think that what I made was tasty.  That made me very happy to hear that it was really good.  After I heard that it was good I needed to taste it myself.

The banana bread was a hit!! 

Loved it and can't what to make it again.