Tuesday, March 28, 2017

People Can’t See Aphasia Disability by Perry

I am aphasia speech – not digits and words. Society: Aphasia is not important – society (handicapped people: wheelchair, cane walk, walking/seeing dog and speech. I am speech aphasia. Society can people see wheelchair and cane walk.). I go to Stroke Comeback Center. We run the gamut - technical, financial, high school and/or college student, and President of companies, etc. The people here have aphasia, disabled from speech.

I don’t say “verbs” in my speech, and/or I don’t speak “objects” and “people” speech, etc. The society are waiter/waitresses, people and computer scientists, managers can talk I -- I can speak. People and Society can not know my disabled aphasia people. The highest aphasia, and never speak and forget words – society can know. The number is severe aphasia (I am several years), not words, or words (aphasia “xyzzy”: but “I am sorry” I would say!) not feeling but subject and object (I am now later), or story locally …. Most people is short time, and extra time.

(St Patrick Day I can walk to an Irish bar. The drink is Irish beer. I talked bar waiter, and I order the whiskey, and see I point third bottle on top. I speak to waiter: “I want the beer” but I should “I want whiskey, third bottle whiskey – not iced”. The waitress brings beer. The waitress can’t understand!! Right in my brain, not speech!!)

Because: Aphasia people is time and extra time.

The most important thing for people in society is time, time, and TIME!!!

With time, and I can talk.