Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Warrior Sailing Project by Pat

We went to Annapolis, MD for sailing. I learned to sail with the Warrior Sailing Program. It was a great time. Patty, Wilson and I got there on Monday. I met wounded soldiers and very smart sailors. Right away it was going to be a blast. The next day there was a short class. They wanted us in the sailboat, right away. My boat was number 7! It had to be good!

On Tuesday there were classes in the morning. Then I went sailing for an hour. It was great in the water. I was there with two people that got hurt in the military and a coach. Our coach, Ralf Steitz, was beyond incredible. He was in the Stars & Stripes in the 1990's. After lunch there was another class. Then I was too tired. I went to the hotel and got a nap.

Wednesday was fun! We got in the boat right away. We also had a Navy General. He has been sailing for 50 years. Next thing we know, Ralf jumped in to a different boat. It was spectacular! We had the Navy Captain helping us. We practiced for an hour. There were 6 flags to get from the buoys. Then the race started. We decided to go to the furthest flag. We went from flag to flag. We got our last flag and headed to the finish line. But it was slow because of the wind. We finished and found out we got third!!! We felt great. Sailing is one of the greatest thing I've ever done...

Want to see more? Watch this video!http://www.abc2news.com/news/region/anne-arundel-county/wounded-veterans-use-sailing-as-an-outlet

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

HealthSouth Stroke Group - Loudoun County by Randy

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Loudoun Hospital. We spoke to at least 25 survivors and caregivers.  This was the first time that Laura and I were asked to speak that this stroke group. By the way Laura is my wife. This was the second stroke group that I have been at this hospital. These groups are monthly, which can be a great support to survivors and caregivers.
I talked about me as what it is like to be a survivor. So much has changed since my recovery began.  I was unable to do so many thinks back then. It was great to be able to talk about all the things I can do now. I did share my struggle with isolation. Laura was a work and I was at home with Rudy. Thank goodness that my little boy was there for me.
I was able to start writing again 2 years after my stroke. TopGolf is located in Loudoun County.  It’s a fun place to get ready for the Kalikie Classic Golf Tournament. Have used the use iFly in Loudoun as well.  It was pretty cool. Much of what I have done are silicone wristbands and paracord bracelets.
Laura talked about what is was like to be a caregiver. She also filled in some blanks because I do not remember everything that happened to me. I think we gave them some good information and more importantly hope.
Obviously Laura and I spoke about the Stroke Comeback Center. The community has changed my life from being very involved with the SCC. Being there is like being at home.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hula Girl by Christie

We tried a new restaurant for the first time and it is top-notch. The name is Hula Girl Bar & Grill and the cuisine is Hawaiian food. The façade is a laid-back brick & mortar place with the location in Shirlington, VA. We walked in and were greeted with a smile by Mikala Brennan. I found out later that she was the owner of the place. 
We started with drinks, my husband, Chris, had a habanero sculpin beer and I had a pineapple sparkling wine. Both of us loved it. For Chris, he did the first sip and he didn't taste it until a minute later and could feel the heat in the back of his mouth. Spicy it was.  Mine was sweet like me. It was infused with pineapple. So tasty!
We started with an appetizer called Kalua Pork Crispy Gau Chee. It was a fried pork wonton. Very good. The main entrées were Hula Girl Truck Salad with Mahi-Mahi and Chicken Katsu. It was truly fantastic. We will definitely go back. The rating is 10 stars.  It was that good, if you like Hawaiian food, which everyone should!!!