Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How I Spent my Summer Vacation by Christie

My summer vacation was boring but in a good way. I felt refreshed and like it was for a long time. I started with a cross stitch project for a Christmas Stocking for Kona. I looked at patterns but they don't have much selection for a black lab like Kona. Suzanne found a website to take a picture and turn it in to a cross stitch pattern. The website she found was www.stitchyourphoto.com and you pick a picture and they make it into a pattern. 

You can buy the complete kit, which includes the pattern, DMC Floss List, Fabric and DMC Floss, or individual options as well. It was very affordable. I started while on break and it's coming a long fine.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Chicago, DoD and CURE Epilepsy by Pat

Chicago, Chicago, Chicago!!!!!!! This is a great city. Patty, Wilson and I went there for the CURE: Epilepsy Fundraiser. Interesting story how we became friends. I got hurt in Iraq in 2007. In November, I was in the RIC in Chicago and I had my first seizure. In 2008 the CURE asked Patty to write a story about us. In 2008 I had seizures every month. The first 2 years I had 15 seizures. The next 4 years I had two seizure. For 3 years I have had no seizures!!! Every time I had a seizure it was a grand mal.
Since 2008 I have been friends with the CURE. And they are very nice. They believe that epilepsy needs to stop. But they will need to start from scratch. No doctors have gotten into it for soldiers. The DoD realized that many soldiers, in the war, got concussions or ended with seizures. The DoD asked the CURE about epilepsy. "Can epilepsy go away?" (If you have 2 seizures, you have it for life.) Veterans say things like, "I took a blast in Iraq or Afghanistan after one or two years later I started having seizures." The DoD gave the CURE money to stop epilepsy!!!
Ending epilepsy will be awesome. This will be a huge deal. When your car is out of gas you pump it up. If your grass is very long you mow it. I am happy that the CURE is going forward. How do you get rid of seizures? Will epilepsy be there for the rest of creation? Is the brain just that smart? It is all interesting.