Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! by Randy

Now it is almost 2016.  New Years Day is this Friday.  2015 has been an amazing year. Recovery is always getting better.  Recovery is a change with everyone that gets better.

We have so many wonderful members that have changed their lives. Survivors are members that have had a stroke, aphasia and brain injuries.  They are always working hard for learning so many changes.  

Not only are we meeting new members at the SCC.  We are also meeting new members from around the world.  These are amazing survivors.  People that never give up getting better.  So many of us are always trying to read, write, speak, walk, and workout.

Enjoy and love the new 2016!!

Aphasia Will Not Be Silent!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Log Cabin Getaway by Christie

It was a much needed getaway so my husband and I went to a log cabin in West Virginia for a week.  We needed to relax and unwind from my husband's budget and board meeting extravaganza.  He was ready to leave before he went to the board meeting so he needed to get away.  We packed up with bags, fold-up chairs, coolers, tons of food and Kona's items and her.  We drove 2 hours away and stayed put until we left. 

We went for walks around the path, watched a movie, 'Trainwreck' and the show 'Suits'.  The movie was the worst one yet.  It was slow and there was no plot.  However, the 'Suits' we watched was fantastic. We watched many episodes and there were all great.  If you haven't watched it, you should.

During the day, I read my books.  The first one was ‘Missing You' by Harlan Coben.  I've read a couple of books but this was one of the best.  The next book was The Cuckoo's Calling.  I haven't finished it yet but it's coming along.  I use the Audiobook and the accent is British so the narrator is awful. 

All and all we had a wonderful vacation.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Today is Giving Tuesday

Giving Back - Christie "Kalikie" Arnold

I wanted to give back to a charity to enrich the lives of stroke survivors. The founding fathers and I started this event after I had a massive stroke which affected my ability to effectively communicate.  My stroke left me with a choice to fight back or give up.  I chose to fight. I found an amazing place called the Stroke Comeback Center in Vienna, VA, for stroke survivors just like me.  My stroke was 8½ years ago and it was a long hard road but I believed in myself and found a way to regain my life back even if there are some quirks; but it suits me just fine. My ability to fight keeps me occupied and I will never give up as long as I live!
We started a golf tournament called the Kalikie Classic (it's my name in Hawaiian). It's been running for 8 years and the past year we raised over $15,000 for benefiting the scholarship fund. All the proceeds from this event are donated to the Stroke Comeback Center so that other stroke survivors can regain their speech. The Stroke Comeback Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit which provides support and services to families who have experienced a stroke, regardless of their ability to pay. They are the only facility like this in the DC metropolitan area.

My Giving Story  - Randy Kernus

I am so very proud to be involved with creating the SCC. So many wonderful possibilities have been created for the center. My most special donation has been from the DoMore24 United Way.

Currently we are doing the Caring Tree for the end of 2015. This year is telling people about how we can help survivors. Please help us to introduce as many individuals that can help our survivors. Stars for the holiday!
The most meaningful events that have happened to me as a survivor are from the Stroke Comeback Center. This organization helps some many people. These individuals are amazing. I have totally felt that. Four years ago I slowly began to understand what this center does. This center has helped so many survivors.
The center is my life.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! - Chris V

I'm a firefighter so that is great job for giving. I've got injured on my motorcycle heading to a fire department meeting, so I can't do a lot for the firehouse. So I give around Christmas running Santa runs. It's actually a lot of time, both time and planning. This year I've got 2 fire engines, 1 ambulance, 1-2 command car and 2 Chiefs cars. It's a lot of work! Hanukkah and Christmas every day except Sunday. Engines, ambulance and command vehicles are just decked out in lights. We collect Toys for Tots and Wounded Warriors. We're estimating around 400-450 gifts. It's a lot of toys!!

 Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!!