Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Do More 24 is Thursday, June 2nd

Why should people participate in Do More 24?
Randy says...
As a member of the Stroke Comeback Center, I am working on having all of my family, friends and members donate on Do More 24. What is Do More 24? It is a one day donation to the United Way and the Stroke Comeback Center.
Getting involved with Do More 24 is important. Stroke Comeback Center is a 501c3 organization. Having 5 people make a donation of $24 each is huge! These donations will allow the center to buy paper towels, coffee, food, paper, pens, pencils it goes on and on.
Stroke and Brian injury survivors are amazing and this is a very beneficial way to help us. We thank all of you for helping us!!
Christie says...
Fundraising will help people like me to continue with speech therapy by providing scholarship funds and operating costs. You only have to do $24 dollars, kind of like eating at home one day rather than going to a fast food restaurant. You will improve the lives of stroke survivors and brain trauma for the better. Now, that’s worth it! Please support our cause by donating on June 2nd.
Perry says...
Why should you donate $24?
1. The stroke comeback center is 501 (c) (3) non-profit, and needs money.
2. The aphasia center is write, speech, and reading.
3. The center is members (brothers and sisters) is aphasia, I am okay welcome.
4. The tax deduction is good for your taxes.
5. The $24 is people (intended).
Please consider an online donation of $24 or more on Thursday, June 2. Together we can make a difference in the lives of stroke and brain trauma survivors. Donate online at https://domore24.org/npos/stroke-comeback

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Where would we be without the Stroke Comeback Center?

Where would I be if the Center wasn’t there?

If the Center was nonexistent, I would go apeshit. I would go to NRH but not too long since my insurance will run out. I will be locked up with nothing to do except waiting for Chris to come home so I can have interaction.

I would visit a retirement home because I love seniors. The issue is to try to find a place where you can have a conversation without dealing with dementia/Alzheimer. It’s hard enough to find the words to say because of aphasia but the seniors would help me find the words.

I would need a hobby and I have done many hobbies including knitting, crocheting and needlepoint. Maybe I will practice until I am perfect and then sell them to local businesses.

But the SCC is open for business. I love it and I’m so happy that I found it. I am so honored to have a place to come and enjoy the balance of work and the camaraderie of members.

Where would I be if I did not have the Stroke Comeback Center?

To begin with I would be sad. I probably would be scared. And also be isolated.

Thank you so very much SCC for being a fantastic Center. The Center has changed my life as well as many others. Being with a community like this has changed so many lives.

So many of these people would be so isolated if they did not have the chance to be with individuals like this. These survivors are very proud of being with these individuals. The recovery at a place like this has changed so many. No longer having a community like this would be very difficult for these members.

My life would be very different from not being with these people. My recovery has gotten better due to this. My isolation has grown smaller due to the center. So many of these people have changed from being here. Being with friendships with amazing people at the Stroke Comeback Center. Thank you!!

I living not Stroke Comeback Center

Because not stroke comeback center, I am words and numbers, and sentence forming, and story. Aphasia is words and numbers. Because not stroke comeback center, I am house inside. The public is not longer – words, numbers, sentence, and story. The well audience is speaker, and it is words, numbers, sentences, and story. (“I am aphasia,” Perry said.)

I like Stroke Comeback Center speech therapists. The speech therapists are friends. I am 10+ years in stroke and aphasia, and many very speech therapists, and 3 Nova Scotia aphasia 6-weeks. I am aphasia!

I am work, the Stroke Comeback Center. I am better, and good enough. The business is defense company will Computer Science/Manager (BS in Computer Science, MS in Computer Science). How can friends and company work job? I am lost friends and works. Now I am Stroke Comeback Center friends and therapists.

Not Stroke Comeback Center – I am secluded and not living life to fullest. I am not inside house.

Finally, the Stroke Comeback Center is very good and personal life.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Living Well with Aphasia by Judy

My name is Judy. I had my stroke at age 59 in 2005. I have a daughter, Karen, and a son, Kevin. Kevin has a wife, Dorota, and a son, Jack. I have a brother, Thom. I live in Rockville, Maryland.

When I had my stroke I had no speech. I took PT and OT. I take aphasia therapy and practiced by speech. Now it is much better.

I do yoga. I walk. My house has a lot of stairs.
I like gourmet cooking, gardening, dancing, music, movies and art shows. I have been to many places - France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Caribbean Islands, England, Ireland, China, Canada and Mexico. I am a member of a church.

I have many friends in Washington, DC area and other places.

I work hard at therapy and I still enjoy my life.