Thursday, April 28, 2016

Podcasts are Coming! by Randy

The PT Pintcast is a Podcast.  This podcast is being recorded from 3 survivors and Jimmy.  Jimmy is a PT student.  Jimmy is the creator of PT Pintcast. 
This recording has been from the Stroke Comeback Center.  These members have talked about there stories.   It is about what happened to them and what their recovery has been like. 
This is what it was like to these survivors.  It was hard for all of us, recovery is what it is all about.  We have worked hard to get better.   We never give up.
These people were asked about how they feel about the SCC.  We all truly felt that it was about community.  The community from the center helps people feel that it is very much like a home.
Some day we hope that Jimmy will post his PT Pintcast that he made with us.  We hope that that will happen. However we, as the members at the SCC, are working hard to make our own Podcast.  As stroke survivors making a podcast like this is a challenge.  It's all about recovery.  The slow road to better...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Birthday Month by Christie

This was a big milestone, turning 40. My celebration week begun on April Fools and my brother texted me "Happy Birthday you filthy animal.”  He finally made a big deal for a whole month by texting every day.  He's awesome.
Each day has been fantastic.  My husband and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and then went to Duck Donuts for a cinnamon bun donut.  It was super tasty. 
On Monday, my mom came up and we went to the Zoo.  We saw the new baby panda and the new baby monkey.  The baby panda was taking a nap but right when we found the perfect place to watch him sleep he awoke and started to climb down but couldn't figure how to get down.  It was so intriguing on how to master it.  The mom came to help but got bored so she was showing off instead of helping.  He eventually came down but it was humorous to watch.  We had a magnificent day.
I went to see Oma on Thursday and my parents came up as well.  My Oma gave me a balloon, cupcakes and she sang 'Happy Birthday'.  She is truly the most amazing Grandma.
On my birthday, my big present was we went to Bethany for the weekend.  The weather wasn't perfect but on my birthday it was sunny and warm.  We walked down to the beach to see the ocean.  Chris and Kona went running and went down to the ocean to see how cold it was.  It was freezing so he didn't paddle.   We made a Banana Espresso Bread Pudding dessert which turned out to be tasty but I will change it slightly by adding cinnamon and more bananas. 
I am now 40 and it is the same.  Nothing to report just getting older.  It seems like you are in your 20's, carefree and happy and that's who I am.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Building Bridges by Chris

My name is Chris Vincent and I was injured in 4 years ago.  2 years ago I went to Stroke Comeback Center and changed my world. My words and sentences I have gotten so so so much. There is camaraderie among everyone! It's a small center, it's in Virginia, and I want it to be huge and LARGE 2 centers in Maryland and DC in 1-2 yrs!!  I want more than that in the least Florida and NC or SC.  Have it least 5-6 Group classes, lunch and area for fridge, acupuncture, massage and gym!  How do I get money?..  I already started fundraising.
I raised 25k through a company who my dad knows.  I'm hoping to finally open the year off with a bang.  I'm hoping to have 100K in the next 1 1/2 yr! That's a lot of money! I will raise at least $50K this year..  Now how my going to raise that! So I've got a buddy is mom had a stroke 35 yr, she's doing excellent she has no issues, sides she misses a word or 2. But I figure I've known them for 11 yr for a while. I will speak with the whole family a probably 3-4 month they're in Florida.  Then hopefully the company that raised money last year will do least $50K.. How is the other $50K.. I will see, I have a year to decide! I'm building a bridge to help stroke or accident to get better and really live!